Hey, I'm Pratik 👋
I'm a fullstack developer 🚀, optimist 🧠, and a open source advocate 🥑. I'm currently working on my OS app called and contributing to multiple open source projects.
I mainly build with React, Node, GO, AWS and Solidity but I'm always learning new tools & technologies.

things I have created
An open source browser extension to boost your productivity and browser experience.
Projects I have built working with companies
Currently working with Securly, building the core extension products to save kids life. Also working on migrating the backend to Golang along with many other feature development and tech debts.
Built Payments (An app used for making payments, vendor management, Invoice managemenet etc) from scratch and Finance (Loan management system) while working with Velocity. Worked mainly on the frontend side in react, microfrontends, monorepos and typescript.
Built Palette (university management app) from scratch and and many other projects while working with Webknot. Worked on the backend as well as frontend side in react, node(nest.js), AWS. Built the service and managed deployment as well as the infrastucture.
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